5 Best Business ideas 2021 in small Town

5 Best Business ideas 2021 in small Town

Friends, In 2021, many people are sitting vacant due to lockdown if you want to do a business in your own city. I brought you 5 best business ideas.

Because the conditions that were the product before the lockdown were changed, there is a lot of industry whose products were used in very small quantities.

Today the same product has grown a lot after lockdown, so let’s know about today’s 5 business ideas.

There are the 5 Business Ideas 2021 in Small Town

1. Cartoon Box Making Factory

Friends, the demand for the box of cartoons has increased a lot after the lockdown, because the market of the market has changed a lot, the online sale and home delivery has started to run more.

If you buy the product online from any company, then that product comes inside the box. The demand for that box has increased so much that the box which was available in the first 10 rupees would be available today for Rs. 16.

If you want to set up a factory to make a cartoon or box, then your investment takes two ways.

The first investment is that your machine comes in about 1 lakh to 2 lakh, with that, friends, you have to buy raw material and accordingly you can make a box and sell it in any city. Because online demand is reaching every city.

2. Tissue Paper Manufacturing

Earlier people used to use handkerchief more and now due to lockdown people started using Tissue paper, then you can easily start Tissue paper factory.

In this investment machine comes from 1 lakh to 4 lakh and the raw material will be available in good quantity either in Delhi or in your city.

You can sell it by making small packets, very good. After its lockdown, the demand has increased and you can also brand it.

3. Furniture Factory

Friends, you can start a business of furniture in any city, in any village, but to start, you need a carpenter.
And you will get good carpenters right now because all the carpenters who are in lockdown are still sitting at home and you can get them working.

And in your city, there are So-Romes of big furniture, where you can sell furniture.

With this, friends invest in it, the cost of the artisan and the machine, whose cost in about 20 thousand to 1 lakh, the entire setup will be yours.

4. T-shirt Factory

If you want to get into the business of clothes then you can easily do business in your village because all the factories were closed due to lockdown and if you start in your small town too, then your product will come first in your city and Your cell will also increase.

If you sell good T-shirts in the market at low prices, then people will definitely buy because people do not have money due to the lockdown, if they want to buy good T-shirts at a lower price and it will also benefit you.

The investment that takes place in it seems that the machine, the raw material and the mechanic’s machine, which comes from 10 thousand to the beginning of 1 lakh, the main investment in it is the cloth from which the T-shirt is made.

This is such a business, friends, which you can start in any city, you can only make a raw T-shirt and sell it in a nearby city, then friends, you can also make it your own brand.

5. Flour Mill

Lockdown is done, yet there is no decrease in the cost of flour, in the same way that flour is being sold, you can also open flour mill.

Friends if you want to open flour mill So almost two investment artisans are needed in this and the machine comes in about 30 thousand to 2 lakhs and can buy wheat at wholesale rate and pack the flour and sell it in the market.

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