Best 5 Share to Buy for Long Term in India 2021

Best 5 Share to Buy for Long Term in India 2021

Today we will talk about the best share for long term which should be a must in your portfolio. Are you looking for the best stocks that will give you good profits for the long term?

Whether you are young or you are a senior citizen, whether you are an old investor, then the best stock is the only one for all of us and that is blue chip stock.

What is blue chip stock?

Blue chip stock means one of the largest companies in our country, here we call them blue chip stocks.

Now why do we say blue chip here?

So here we say blue chip because it is the biggest company, they do not have competition, they have very low debt.

This company has been running for years, its chances of falling are low, so the best stocks are always blue chip stocks and you should also pick blue chip stock here.

Now here we talk about how to pick up the blue chip stock, that means if the stock is on 100, then should we buy 100 out of 100, not at all.
Now how to pick 5 blue chips out of 100, we tell you a trick.

Sometimes a share will be high, sometimes a stock will be low, sometimes a share will be very low, sometimes a share will be very high.

So in such situation just use one trick and never forget this trick and this trick is called buy low.

You can always buy low, pick any stock you are buying as low as possible and now blue chip’s falling chance is low. And the less you buy, the more profit you will earn in the long run.

How to know which share is on low and which share is on high, anytime the stock is known that the stock is cheap or that the stock is expensive with its price to earnings.

Now Best 5 Share to Buy for Long Term in India 2021

  1. Tickertape

Tickertape shares will give you profit in 2021 and you can buy it for long term why its price to earnings is very good.

i.e. This stock is the best blue chip and under value and if you take this share then in long term you will Can create a good asset.

2. Ultrateck Cement

Best 5 Share to Buy for Long Term in India 2021

The PE ratio of ultrateck cement is 19. 84 and the sector PE Ratio is 22. 20. This means the price to earnings of this stock is good and you can buy it for long term.

3. Bajaj Finserv

This is a stock that is showing us cheaply after a long time and has reached around 29 PE (Price to Earning), you will get very good investment value in it and you can buy in 2021.

4. State Bank of India

If you look at the banking sector shares, you will get much less than that, this stock will also give good profit, in the long term, you can also buy it.

5. Housing Development Finance Corporation

The price to earnings of this stock is also very good, that is, this stock also looks very cheap, in Housing Development Finance Corporation too, you can invest for long term and make a huge asset for future.

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