8 Unique Ideas to Passive Income 2021

8 Unique Ideas to Passive Income 2021

There are Two Types of Income

  1. Active Income
  2. Passive Income
  1. Active Income

Active income means that every day we are doing job, if I am in 9 to 5 job, then I get his salary every month and that is my income, this is active income.

2. Passive Income

Passive income means that even if you did not go there, even if you did not go to work today, your money will not stop your income even if you are not doing regular work, then your income keeps on coming regularly.

Example – Renting a house or shop when we bought a shop, we definitely had an investment when I invested money in it, but today I may sit in the house or go to roam somewhere, yet I will get my income every month. This is called passive income.

There are 8 Ideas to make passive income in today’s date

  1. Real Estate

The first and the oldest and the most common is the source of passive income once the investment and the life time is the return because the rent which is available every month.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing simply means commissioned work. If you are selling someone else’s goods to someone else, then you get a commission in it.

Affiliate marketing you can do online sitting very easily at home. For affiliate marketing, you will need a blogger, then tell a review of any type of product and put your affiliate marketing link in it.

Whenever your blog will grow and buy that product through your link, then you will get a commission so that you can earn life time income.

Examples – Amazon is the largest affiliate marketing tool.

  1. Fixed Deposit

The normal fixed deposit that we make is also our own passive income, which we make a fixed deposit of Rs 10,000 and it doubles after 7 years, becomes 20000, so it was better then it is double. And every day 2 rupees 5 rupees interest is accrue.

Apart from this, if you invest in stocks in mutual funds or stock market, then that too is a passive income.

  1. Digital products

It is also a very good way to sell digital products online.
Digital products means you create an APP and after that you upload it on the playstore, it starts downloading from there, after that you can run adds to it, then that adds will start earning you.

The app is made only once, but you will keep earning till the time of life. This app is an example of a digital product, there are many digital products, there is some software or there is a calendar. Keep on earning life time.

  1. Online course

Selling the online course Anything you have a good idea about, you can make a course about it, you can sell the course online, you have to make the course only once, as often as your course will be sale, your earning will continue to come.

  1. Stock Photo / Videos / Music /

Stock photos / videos / music / selling is also the best way of passive income.

There are many websites which sell stock photos / videos / music / You can create photos and music by creating your profile and you can sell them on royalty basis.

You have to create this once, but when it starts selling, then every time as many people are buying your music, you get paid often.

  1. Any form of investment

We put money on somewhere, even if it is gold, the price of gold is increasing every day.

if it is sitting, then it is also increasing our passive income in a way.

  1. YouTube Blog

Creating a channel on YouTube, uploading videos on it, people will watch that video, adds to it.

you will get money from that adds, you can make a video once but you can earn life time.

As many times people will watch your video, even if people will watch it even after 1 year, you will continue to receive money.

Both YouTube and blogger are the same, blogs have to be put once but you can always earn income.

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